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Fire and Life Safety

Fire Prevention

  • Do not accumulate quantities of discarded files or other paper trash in your office or storage area. Pay special attention to housekeeping in those departments that produce quantities of debris, such as duplication machines, mailing and receiving rooms.
  • Do not store flammable solvents, duplication fluids or other combustible fluids.
  • Keep electrical appliances in good repair. Report unsafe conditions to the building office.
  • When furnishing an office, consider the fire potential of materials used in large amounts, like overstuffed chairs, settees, couches or anything that could become a combustible item. Such furnishings should be flame-proofed.
  • The flammability of seasonal decorations must also be considered.
  • Christmas trees are allowed in your suite, but must be properly treated with fire retardant (most tree dealers can do this at their lot) and appropriately tagged per fire code specifications.
  • Where potential for fire is especially high, such as supply rooms, tenants may wish to consider installing additional fire extinguishers.

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