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Deliveries must first be scheduled with the Office of the Building (see below for link to Vendor Access Form). Once approved, deliveries can be made by way of the loading area and service entrance, conveniently accessible from Bob Hope Drive (first driveway South of Alameda Ave.). All contractors/messengers/couriers/delivery personnel are required to use the service elevator. It is the responsibility of each tenant to ensure that their guests/contractors/deliveries are properly registered with security. After hours suite access, if needed, will also need to be arranged by the tenant.

All over-sized/large deliveries (those requiring more than thirty (30) minutes or involving pieces with any dimensions greater than five (5) feet) need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance with the Management Office and shall take place only during non-business hours. In addition, a representative from your firm must be present to accept any deliveries; security will not sign for, nor accept, any packages on any tenant's behalf. No delivery will be allowed without the proper protection (Masonite, padding, rubber wheels, etc.) for common area finishes (floors, walls, doors, etc.).

Please click here Vendor Access Form

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